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Hey Bettylicious Babes

Time for me to update you on a couple of things that went on recently.  I was featured on the BBC Money for Nothing Programme. I received a email back before Xmas last year.  They told me all about the programme and I was familiar with the concept.  They were looking for a buyer for a couple of bags.

Loving something a bit different and mad about recycling and sustainability, this got me interested. They explained I would have to be filmed receiving the bags, at a place of my choice.  So I racked my brain to come up with the right place,something other  than a boring no windowed office.  My friend Sarah Whiteside had a vintage style cafe and record store on the Harbourside called Revolution.  I contacted her and explained the ask of the BBC.  She was fine with it so we were set to film.

On a VERY rainy February day I rocked up at Revolution in a gifted dress from Lindy Bop looking like I was ready for a Vintage style summer party.  Sadly the rain had dampened my hair and there was no hairdresser around for miles (typical).



We did our bit of filming, a few times(five in fact) and that was done back to day to day running of things.  I had the bags and stored them away until the programme went live on daytime BBC.

Months later I got notification( 7 months) that it was going to be on the next day.  My five seconds of fame about to be launched.  I sat and watched it and had to wait right to the end and my daughter (love Her) laughed her head off saying it did not sounds like me.  Great! I think I had said the same line over a few times and it sounded a bit unnatural.

The bags were listed on the website the dress on Ebay to raise funds for Charity.  The Alzeheimers Society in honour of my Dad.

You can find it on our Bettyliciousuk ebay page :https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254134417475



Here is the video if you missed it.



Much love Betty xy

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