Mwaa Bettylicious Babes, thanks for stopping by the Blog, I am enjoying being back writing again.  I thought I would let you know the process of making a designing a new swimsuit or Bikini and getting it into production and on to the website

I have designed a new DD cup Bikini which is in the production process at the moment.  I worked with a CAD designer getting the look right and decided on a shoulder strap design, after talking to customers on Facebook and Instagram, if you were one of those lovely ladies, then I hope you are pleased.  I listened to your problems and wishes and decided I sell enough halter necks, so it was time for something a bit different.  High Waisted Pants are also, not for everyone, especially my great friend Cheryl so I chose a lower style with a cute frill to compliment it alongside so they will both be available.  The size range will start from DD and go up to FF with two briefs.

I got my inspiration from pictures of ice cream yummy and I hoping to do the shoot in an ice cream parlour, so if you know any 1950 retro places, drop me a line



Moving on to our current underwired costumes that are all made in the UK, which I am very proud of.  Currently we use a seamstress called Florie and her company is called Love White Rabbit and she is based in Leicester.  Good quality swimwear seamstresses are hard to find so we would like to bow down to Florie and will continue to work with her on re-stocking and new projects, she has just moved into a studio and  we would like to congratulate her on this.


The Green swimsuit is the most popular and we can see why, it’s just such a refreshing colour, more of this on the way.

The fabric comes from another UK supplier and is digitally printed to our requirements.


The New Bikini will be the same pattern but in a pastel ice cream colours, I was thinking of my favourite flavours, classic but still the best.  The current underwired Bettylicious swimsuits go up to a EE cup and the new bikini plans to go up to a FF.  They are all exclusive to Bettylicious.  We will continue to improve them and offer the widest size range we can.

Thanks for stopping by

Much Love Betty x