Brighton Aqua Decadence 10 year Anniversary


It started out with a simple email from Liz, testing the water to see if we’d be interested in helping her dress a team of synchronised swimmers. We had to know more! For the last decade, the synchronised swimmers of Brighton have performed at the Brighton Fringe Festival, so for their ten year anniversary, Liz’s team – Dolphin Synchro – wanted to celebrate in style. The theme for the year was Aqua Decadence, and each group of performers were to dedicate their routine to an era from the 1920s up until the 2000s. She had sixteen ladies ready and waiting to find their perfect costumes for their chosen era…the 1940s.

Now, to dress sixteen women was throwing us in the deep end. We’re all unique and different; no one fit is the same for us all, but here at Bettylicious we take inclusion very seriously. Making every one of those ladies feel comfortable and beautiful was a task we’d stop at nothing to complete! We put our heads together and fired around ideas of what we thought would work: bright, strong colours, bold prints, fun, flirty. And what fit that description more perfectly than Banned Apparel’s Daisy Swimdress! Straight away we knew the bold design would look fantastic in the water and would make the whole team feel fabulous.



With the order in from Banned and the costumes on their way to the Dolphins, the Fringe Fest was fast approaching. The summer was beginning and before we knew it, May was upon us so Betty and the team got geared up for a trip along the coast from Weymouth to Brighton so see our bathing beauties in action.

With two sold out shows we knew we were in for a treat! Boss Betty dressed to impress in a gorgeous polka dot number from Rock and Romance and with a VIP view of the pool, we couldn’t wait to see our girls take the plunge. And damn, we were not disappointed! The room was packed with friends and family and as the first bathing beauties stepped out to the water, The Prince Regent was flooding with excitement.

When it got to our girls we felt a real well of pride seeing them step out in our gorgeous costumes. Laughing at the thought of our own two left feet, we were blown away by the graceful, yet disciplined movements of each and every member. Each kick and lift and dive was perfectly timed and fantastically executed by the Dolphins. To see such a diverse group of ladies, representing all shapes, sizes and ages was an incredible moment for us at Bettylicious and something we’ll treasure forever.

With hearts filled with pride we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the show and knew as we left we had no choice but to add the Daisy Swimdress to our collection. It has a special place here at Bettylicious. We hope everyone who buys it can feel graceful and bold like our Brighton Dolphins, and above all feel a part of our team of bathing beauties…The Betty Babes


Much Love Betty x

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