Get your body out there !

There is a tide of change in the media of positive body image and how different body shapes need to be portrayed.So many of us me included are worried about how others perceive us but as I have go older I worry less and just put my bikini on and get out there.  Lucky for me I live by the sea and this is fairly easy to do.

Here at Bettylicious HQ, I give our photographer strict instructions on how I want our models to showcase our products.  All of our bikini bottoms are high waisted and most with tummy control.  So no worrying about running about with little ones or bending down to reach for the sun cream.  Our swimsuits are the same with the majority having ruching and tummy control which is so flattering and makes you feel more confident.

I personally choose all the new swimwear, clothing and accessories.  Then they all have to pass the can I pack it, will it be comfortable, nice to wear and look great.  I try to vary neck fastenings on tops to give you choice and comfort. Those that love a halter neck, must have a Halto (my recommendation) ask my family I get agitated if I cant find mine :0 I simply will not go to the beach without one.  There are a few left in the web shop.  Grab one quick.




The British summer is well and truly behind us now and I am personally looking forward to a holiday and some Winter Sun.  Its hard for me to go away in Peak season from the Spring to Autumn as I am busy running the business.  I am hands on making sure you all get the best Vintage style swimwear for your holidays.

So what do I pack for my holidays, well I will be revealing this over on Instagram Stories as I have some new products to trial. It would be great to know what you think.  I am not worrying about being Beach Body ready though as the Beach will have to be ready for me.

2019 and Four photoshoots with Real women.  What are my best moments? I am putting in my favourite pictures of the models I have worked with.  Emma is always nervous to begin with but then her naughty side comes out and she is SO popular.  She is a Mum of two wife and a hairdresser, has an amazing aura and sense of style.  Her hair colour changes every season and she is a delight to work with.https://www.instagram.com/dolly_bird74/


A month later we had a visit to Weymouth from the stunning Miss Pin up UK 2018 @sisisharaz, it was part of her prize to come an model for us.  So I asked another model to join in, to make it a whole day session and Talia came too. These are two of my favourite shots by Steve Cook @rawing waves at Art Asylum in Weymouth.  Simply stunning girls in amazing swimwear.  I am so proud of the shots we achieved.https://www.instagram.com/sisishiraz/


June 2019 and a great friend and follower of Bettylicious @mrsbowretro came along to Weymouth for a little holiday with her family and I invited her to the studio on a Sunday.  She was very nervous to begin with and had moments of self doubt, but don’t we all when we are getting our bodies out there in front of others.  So after some time and changes, she relaxed and started to enjoy herself and I have chosen this shot below as my favourite as it is a beautiful bikini and looked like a vintage dream



The last of the Sun in September, I managed to squeeze in a few outdoor shots with Sam, Gill and Frankie. I had chosen the location, whilst walking my little fiesty dog Bella at Greenhill in Weymouth, against the Whitewashed beach huts.

I managed to achieve the look I had in my mind and Sam and I had not worked together before but she just got it straight away.  She is a mum and came straight from work, what a star.



Mum and daughter Gill and Frankie came along too and I love how our swimwear looks great on them both.  Frankie captures a young cheeky side and Gill looks classic and elegant.


Gill said ” I felt a million dollars, in this swimsuit, despite being a size 8, I still have issues wearing swimwear after having 3 children.  Bettylicious swimwear puts everything where it should be, thus helping me look good and more importantly feel great.”

Frankie said ” Bettylicious swimwear is Supercool and Retro!”

This proves however we feel including myself with my scars and cellulite we have bodies we just need to get them out there.  With Bettylicious swimwear we all can!!





Much love

Betty x

One thought on “Get your body out there !

  1. Samantha McIntosh says:

    Absolutely love the swimming costumes, and loved modelling for Betty 😍 the swimming costumes make you feel amazing, especially after having 5 children. Worth the money 100%. I have been telling everyone about these since I did the shoot. Can’t wait to do it again

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