Ibiza Burlesque Festival

Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2017 Sponsored by Bettylicious

Ibiza Burlesque Festival to help me get through the days of winter I am thrilled be involved as a sponsor to the Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2018 which is taking place 25th, 26th, 27th May 2018. I’ve long been a fan of the white island and couldn’t believe my luck when the opportunity came about.

Here’s how it all began…

One dreary grey typical British afternoon I got a phone call from a bright and chirpy lady called Sapphira, she told me she was hosting a Burlesque Festival in Ibiza. I was intrigued, as I did not know much about burlesque apart from Dita Von Teese, but I knew of Ibiza as I had been a couple times with my family for a holiday and loved its bohemian lifestyle, beaches and pine clad hills.

Sapphira sent me some details of the festival and together we came up with a sponsorship package that was suitable to us both. The pictures of the hotel where it was to be based looked like a retro pin up girl’s dream.

Tropicana Ibiza Coast Suites

Santos Ibiza Coast Suites

It even had a Martini shower. The vision Sapphira had for the swimsuit parade, I came up with a couple of options. The daisy swimsuits from the Bettylicious label and The Annie Bikini by Girlhowdy. After I was given the sizing, we discussed what would look best in Ibiza. We chose the Annie Bikini with red and black accessories, perfect for the venue The Santos Hotel in Playa D’Bossa.

Polish burlesque star and performer, Pin Up Candy in her Vivien of Holloway Dress (Photo Plum’mti Piz)

The festival was a success it looked like a tropical paradise in the sun. ( was in October from the 6th to 7tth October 2017 and from the amazing photographs by Lucas Ranzuglia) The Annie Bikinis and Marlene Black sunglasses are still in stock but hurry they are selling fast Sadly I could not be there due to a family birthday but try and stop me from coming this year in May 2018 click here to buy tickets

Love Betty xxx

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