My Pandemic Travel experiences in 2020


March 2020

My Partner had booked us a trip for Venice for my birthday, the virus had swept across the world and was in Italy.  We took advice from BA who were then not transfering holidays and took,sanitiser and masks.  But back then no one was wearing them and Heathrow airport was very quiet. Once we arrived in Venice though, things were different, we were greeted by staff, dressed in Hazmat suits, gloves and masks and they took our temperatures.

passing the securoty checks,, we took our speedboat taxi to the hotel and settled in. It rained all day on the first day and we took shelter in a lovely italian restaurant not far from our hotel.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Venice is normally bustling, due to the Maskde parade that goes on each year, but it had been cancelled due to the Virus.  Normal sightseeing was not possible, due to all sigtseeing attrations were closed apart from a few shops and restaurants.  It was eerie and like bad film coming true.  But Venice was stunning and I long to go back one day. No checks were made on us when we returned Home and we were given conflicting advice on self Isolation and the first time working from home wasmentioned.and we went into Lockdown on March 23rd 2020.










Instanbul October 2020

My partner, usually a frequent flyer now had his wings seriously clipped and had air miles to use so he booked us a short break to Istanbul which at the time of booking was on the list of ‘allowed travel corridors’  This time though after our UK lockdown things were a lot different.  Hotel check ins with masked employees, strict instructions to follow during our over night stop before our early departure the next morning.  Social distancing in the restuarant and masks to be worn on public transport, at all times in the airport and on the plane.

Whilst waiting for take off we were informed that ‘Turkey had been taken off the safe list’ and we would now hoave to self isolate for 10 days on our return.

Istabul airport is very new, very clean and had temperature cameras then tested us as we arrived in the arrivals hall.

Everywhere in Istabul you had to wear a mask, the only time you could take it off was for eating or drinking.  We enjoyed our East meets West experiemce, the vibrancy and kindness of the turkish people.  I long to explore more of this fascinating country. Plus the weather was 28 degrees in October.


Tenerife December 2020

A year ago we had decided to re-book a trip that we had done in 2019, as the weather in Los Gigantes was just amazing for December and it helped to boost our immune systems and my back conditions and arthritis.  We had just come out of a second lockdown and were lucky enough to have the window to travel.  This time though we had to get negative COVID tests to enter tenerife and I founf a discointed one on a TUI website that we had to do three days before we flew. It was all very stressful and got the results beack very quickly confirming we could go but until we got this we did not book any airport parking or transfers and it was too late to do so so we had to wing it and cross out fingers.  We found some parking and drove to the GPS navigation site but it was an industrial office no parking.  We phoned the comapnay and they said they had closed it and to meet us at Termina 5.  Needless to say a guy turned up we gave him the keys for the car and had to hope we would get it back.  He did of course give us his details.  We queued for the plane but had to go straight ot check in as we were so late.  On arrival to Tenerife we were met by officals and we had to show our negatrive test results and fill in some paperworkd before we were allowed to enter Tenerife.  We jumped into a taxi noting the approxiamte cost and sigghed a deep breath of relief and basked in the sunshine.

We stayed at the Barcelo hotel in Los Gigantes./https://www.barcelo.com/en-gb/barcelo-santiago/ 

it was a fabulous stay and week in the sun although we had a curfew to be back into our room by 11pm and we had to wear masks everywhere.

But what a great break and back to self isolation yet again.  After all of these adventures, we decided not to go away abroad in 2021. (my children said ‘thank goodness for that mum!)


Love Betty x




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