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Outdoor Swimming Jayne’s Making A Splash

Outdoor Swimming, Jayne Making a Splash Jayne Ball has lived in Weymouth, Dorset for over 26 years.  I met her through our mutual friend and model Emma.  One of our first conversations was: “I want to buy a swimming costume from you, but I am going to wait until I have lost weight!”  This made […]

Our Swimwear Brands here at Bettylicious

Here at Bettylicious we choose the best Vintage style swimwear just for you.  I like see that the quality myself and that it is what I expect and then I can advise on fit.  We all know how hard it is to shop online for clothes and swimwear can seem even harder.  But do not […]

Miss Janna Swedish Sustainable Vintage style Swimwear.

Hey there, bettylicious babes! Betty here. I just wanted to drop in to tell you all about some exciting changes we’ve been making.   Since we are a company in the town of Weymouth, the Bettylicious brand is totally commited to stay beside the sea. We are proud of our coastal roots and beautiful local […]